Hi-ya! My name is Dyesha and this blog is MY reality. (hence the jus-DYE-in Reality)

I'm an unsigned model in the fashion world and a fierce online personality. I'm in love with the ambition that drives me toward my goals.
I've captured my fabulous journey on these pages. Along with images that stimulate my brain waves~~~

Please be advised, this Tumblr is intended for mature audiences only. Therefore, I'm going to post what I want. So don't judge, just eat chocolate fudge!

*takes humble curtsy* Much Luvvv ^_^ <3


hissanm asked
I wonder what kind of people/men do you attract?

whoa!! I’m late on this reply but I really didn’t see this message! Anywhooo, In my 24+ years, I’ve attracted MANY different types of men & woman too :)  ….I’m glad, cause I like to have my choices, ya know ;)